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Arlinda. New Jersey, United States

“Since the birth of Covid19 and it's lifeline of uncertainty and confusion it's Music and Color that keeps me grounded.⁣

Pivoting To Protect⁣
As the world around me became increasingly clouded and difficult to see, one thing remained clear, I had a room full of color filled fabrics that were meant for my Spring Collections that would now have to immediately become protective coverings, face and body. I am happy that I was fortunate enough to be able to join the rest of the makers around the globe and use my talents to put my best face forward even though it's half covered LOL.⁣

All of my life as an independent entrepreneur I've worked nearly three shifts per day seven days per week. Due to my town's set curfew, my biggest challenge was going home at an hour that was unfamiliar to me, the quiet was so loud that it was almost deafening but music, my imagination and thoughts of color kept me grounded. ⁣

Through it all one thing is for sure. Music, Color and Imagination can Never be Quarantined.”⁣

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