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Hala. Montreal, Canada

“I have an abundance of gratitude and blessings for simple things such as: having a family, finding consolation in nature and having the time to indulge in pleasures that I was pushing back due to time constraints. We went back to gathering as a family for meals, watching a show on TV and taking walks. I am also grateful for the technology that connects us to loved ones in spite of physical distancing. I was able to watch my grandson grow and develop over the last three months. A good thing that we came up with from this experience, is the emergence of creativity and innovative ways to reach out to each other so that we turn it into physical distancing, rather than social distancing. In fact the feeling that all humans are in this together has jolted our realisation of how interdependent we are. Maybe this is a nudge for us to wake up and start caring for each other. “⁣

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