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Henry. Durham, United States

“Covid19, Self Quarantining, Stay at Home Orders. Such a stunning and quick altering of life. ⁣

At first we had to focus on our children who were suddenly and pretty much immediately ripped from school, friends and life as they had always known it. ⁣

Much of our family is in Spain so we then grew increasingly aware and terrified of the tremendous loss of life, not only there but all throughout Europe and then little by little here in the States. ⁣

The financial realities hit home. My husbands business had to close down and at this point, ⁣
2 1/2 months later, is still closed.⁣

Being isolated at home has been a blessing and sometimes a curse. Not having therapeutic access for our eldest special needs child has been hard. We’ve had to do the best we can as parents, a couple and a family. ⁣

We leaned into the things that inspire us. Music, creativity and the arts keep us sane and inspired. ⁣

But at the end of the day we are a more tightly knitted tribe. More dependent on each other and more aware of the fragility of this thing called life.“⁣

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