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Jim & Eric. Tualatin, United States

"Eric and I both work from home so in that regard the pandemic didn’t bring about much change. However, we love going to movies, to plays, local farmer’s and art markets, shopping and getting together with family and friends.  Understandably those things came to a screeching halt mid-March.  This has led us to find new activities and new ways to connect with friends, family and the world at large.  My Grandson turned 18 in late March and we celebrated that momentous occasion over a Zoom call.  We have gone on lots of drives through the countryside and have seen places we had and probably never would have seen.  We got interested in covered bridges and have visited and photographed at least 13 of Oregon’s 54 covered bridges.  We have watched a lot of Netflix, Red Box movies, spent a lot of time on Facebook and try to work in regular exercise.  In spite of everything, we remain hopeful about the future and grateful that together we have remained safe, sane and healthy.  We enjoy a heightened awareness of the importance of family and friends and we have developed a new appreciation of the time we share together."

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