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visual story by asalah youssef 

Human-nature is a documentary multimedia project that highlights the small, intimate, and personal experiences five youth around the world have with the natural world. This series highlights their connection with land and water in their respective countries. The photographs taken over video call and voice notes documents the details of their specific places -- from fruit trees, to rivers, vegetable fields, to oceans. Their voices share notes of gratitude, reflections on environmental change, and memories that are tied to the locations they have chosen. Their stories reflect the universal yet deeply individual connection we all have to the Earth and our yearning to protect her. 

english text translations of voice notes are not fully representative of original 




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I remember as a kid, walking toward the boats with the water still around my waist, looking for shells and little fishes. The sea has always been a patient and dynamic presence: sometimes rough and cold, sometimes clear and calm, or sometimes dark and dangerous… but she has seen me grow up, and I have seen her change too.


At this time of year, the sea is like new. She has a special shine and clarity typical of the spring season when the colours are more vibrant and the marine life is friendlier. It is here where I connect with my childhood, with my first memories of adventure, ecstasy, and happiness. For me, the sea is the best life keeper, being so just that she cares for life both inside and outside of her.


I still don’t fully grasp her, but I give thanks and I get filled with excitement for continuing to live a life next to her.

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Nature always teaches us what true happiness is.

Time I spend in nature is a time that brings me back to my inner self.

So I always want to act out of love for nature.

May this beautiful natural landscape will remain forever and ever.

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I’d like to share a little bit of home, a place that is peaceful for me.

It reminds me of the taste of plum, to family, stability and a little bit of warmth.

Slate plums slightly nibbled by squirrels or animals around, but also to clean and pick them up with my dad.

We’d spend days, Sundays, cleaning and taking the plums that are already ripe.

It reminds me of watching my grandmother eating them at night and my dad nagging her because she has too much sugar. And well, yes, I think that was one of the first times when I truly connected with something non-human, right? I think it is important to understand the paradigms of how we understand our surroundings.

And just close my eyes and know  that there is a tree above me, grass beneath me and that time can just stop for a few seconds and my mind is at complete peace.

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Lake Iseo has been my place since I was little.

I grew up in a town 10 minutes away, and every afternoon, I was at the lake park. 

As I grew up, I got to know it in every corner, seeing it from every perspective,

From the top of all the surrounding mountains.

I feel at home and protected.

I am satisfied when I can amaze people by spreading its beauty.

Climate change is destroying its biodiversity.

It is a magical, special place to be protected.




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I came here for the first time when I was 15 to attend a cultural event. It's been nine years since then. During the college days I used to go back to home and I walk on the bridge to see the culturewheel and the nile from a bird's eye view And I think the color of water became a part of identity of the place's environment A year ago, I met a friend of mine that we both love the environment of this place and we had a memorable conversation about the people we was connected to and the truth that people change by time I'm afraid that we cannot ensure that people or the environment become the same however long

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