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Mother, Earth & I


My body of work “Mother, Earth and I” explores the connection that is intertwined between my mother, myself, and the environment around our home. Through environmental photographs, portraits, and self portraits on medium format film, I explore the ways in which we all affect each other and how the energy of a place affects the energy of the people experiencing it. When spending time together in these places, my mother has taught me to look deeper, question and be curious about the land, tread lightly and care for the earth, and whenever a camera is in hand, photograph it.


The bodies of water that surround the lands I explore feel like home. The ecosystems such as the mountains, forests, and marshlands are what inspire me to document stories. I believe making photographs can be an act of conservation, preservation, and stewardship. In my work I wish to represent the beauty within the natural world, as well as to document the interwoven connection between humans and the planet, with the intention of advocating that caring for one, means caring for the other.

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