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Refracted Perspective


This self-portrait triptych examines the three stages in which we gain an unconscious filter. 


Image one - When we exit the womb each of us already has ‘something in our eye’. Our lineage, our birth location, and health of our mother immediately influences our view. Despite this, as babies we are full of wonder with almost clear vision.


Image two - As we grow and pass through childhood into our youth, our filter becomes more and more developed. This filter is comprised of our culture, religion, childhood trauma, media, and the opinions of friends and families. The disruption becomes stronger. 


Image three - By adulthood the filter has become denser. It has shaped our opinions and our views. We move through life with this attached to us. We see and react to everything through our unique filter. Is it possible to erase or alter it and start again?

refracted perspective
refracted perspective
refracted perspective
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